Where Fall Begins . . .


Just for Kids

Learn more about our Apple Varieties and when they ripen.


IN THE FALL -- We offer families a unique, outdoor experience - it's not just about fresh fruit but a chance to pick your own, a chance to explore the orchard, and lots of fun outdoor activities for the kids. We continue to expand our play area and you'll notice some great new additions this fall. We know the little ones are going to have a ball. For their part, our grandkids can't wait.

What if you just want to purchase pre-picked fruit? Of course, if you are just stopping by to pick up some fruit from our apple barn, the entry fee does not apply.



Tues-Sun - 10 am-6 pm
Closed Mondays

Open now through 10/26

Check facebook for the best picking times for raspberries as that can vary from day to day

Call (402)665-2140 for more information

Pick and Play Rates: Minimum purchase of $4/person u-pick fruit.


Note: We accept payment via cash and checks. No chickens :) We are working on the credit card thing but aren't quite 100% there yet. Please bear with us. Small steps.

pupAlso, while we love dogs, we ask that you leave your four-legged pals at home out of consideration for the kiddos who are a little shy of pups as well as our new orchard mascot, Remi, who thinks the orchard is his "turf" to protect. Thanks for understanding!